Create a custom theme option to wordpress customizer

Creating custom theme options is a risky part of theme development process. From the arrival of version 3.4, WordPress allows developers to customize and add controls to the customize menu in admin screen to make that risky into a little easier. Most of the premium themes using separate theme options panel but using the Customizer … Continue reading “Create a custom theme option to wordpress customizer”

Convert plain text URLs into HTML hyperlinks with PHP

One year before, I created a simple message update system with PHP. In that application most of the updated messages were URLs. Copying the plain URL and paste it on a new tab is not a perfect solution all the time. After that, I found a snippet from online and I modified it to convert … Continue reading “Convert plain text URLs into HTML hyperlinks with PHP”

Facebook Style Time Ago Function with PHP and MySQL

Web applications normally use default time and date formats to display the posted or updated time for their data records such as blog post, social status and much more. But Nowadays some rich applications like Facebook and twitter use some different methods to display the update elapsed time by using Unix Timestamp. You don’t need … Continue reading “Facebook Style Time Ago Function with PHP and MySQL”

Get a Single Category from Multi Category WordPress Post

Categories are the special identifiers for WordPress posts. WordPress allow us to select one or more categories to a single post. In WordPress theme making, We can display the selected categories in order at any place of our theme. But mostly in home pages, there is no enough space for display all categories. So we … Continue reading “Get a Single Category from Multi Category WordPress Post”

Insert heading texts between strike lines with CSS3

In HTML, normally we use strike tags for making strike lines through the text. In some modern websites the designers insert their heading texts between strike lines by using some latest CSS3 elements. Here we use CSS3 before and after pseudo elements. You can use both of them or one of them for better styling. … Continue reading “Insert heading texts between strike lines with CSS3”

Form Validation with HTML5

Form validation is one of the struggling part for Web Designers. Normally we are doing this process with additional scripting languages. But the HTML5 comes with some built in features for make a better validation without any client-side or server-side scripting languages! Live Demo There are some common ways to make a proper validation using … Continue reading “Form Validation with HTML5”

Inline email input validation with jQuery

Email¬†validation is one of the important part in web form validation. There are two types of validation mostly used nowadays: One is back end validation which is very strictly and complicated, Another one is front end validation with Javascript kind of languages.¬†Here we talk about front end type Inline email validation with jQuery. Inline means … Continue reading “Inline email input validation with jQuery”